BOII Debut’s First Single “Footwork” off Upcoming EP

“Footwork,” is the first single off BOII‘s debut EP out spring 2020. This Sad Banger combines a soundscape of pulsating, mid-tempo undercurrents with stark emotion and gentle vocals.

“Footwork” literally means to travel by foot from one place to another. To walk is to be human, to move is to be alive. Surprising things happen on the move, you can truly experience the “moment”. You can experience yourself as a body in relation to the land, to the urban context, to real space- an idea so basic, yet potentially subversive in the digital age.

The track leans on the classic “you and me against the world” narrative; the kind of story where you want to leave everything behind and find yourself a world away from the reality that is now. “Footwork” is about moving from a challenging place to where you really want to be. It’s about taking a risk, making a move towards freedom and gambling on something or someone you love.

In Welsh’s own words, he says this of their new single:

“‘Footwork’ has a lot of personal resonance because it’s partially about my wife. We were texting long distance when I was in New York writing the song. We finally went on our first date when I got back to London and now we’re married!


BOII is the transatlantic collaboration of Brooklyn-based producer Joshua Hoisington and London-based singer/songwriter Adam Welsh. The duo’s music stretches through the avenues of emotive house, alt-pop, and electronica-folk while engaged with the concepts of existentialism, entropy, and idealism vs. realism. The name BOII (pronounced “Boy”) was inspired by the Cherokee proverb “When You Were Born”—When you were born you cried / And the world rejoiced / Live your life so that when you die / The world cries and you rejoice.


In 2018, Hoisington met Welsh one night on the lower east side of New York when attending the theater play for LIPPY. Welsh, a prominent playwright and sound designer from London, had created the award-nominated sound design for the show; during which, Welsh sang a setting of the Cherokee proverb When You Were Born. The song deeply affected Hoisington and made for the foundation of BOII. On Welsh’s return to London, they continued to make music in spite of the 3000-mile distance between them. The duo collaborated via email, with Hoisington sending instrumental tracks and Welsh adding vocals, lyrics and the occasional synth part.


December 5th: The Waiting Room @ London, UK (w/ Dutchkid and Jack Walton)

December 9th: Härterei Club @ Zürich, Switzerland (w/ SOFI TUKKER)

December 10th: Botanique @ Orangerie, Brussels (w/ SOFI TUKKER)



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