Boneface, Man of Many Industries, Releases Hot New Track With Amada Records Topping Billboard Reggae Top 10

Few will argue the point that to be successful in the entertainment industry one must possess a multi-faceted skill set.  This is no new subject to self-made Pensacola-based rapper / tattoo artist / reality TV star / entrepreneur Anwon ‘Boneface’ Johnson. 

 A former contestant on seasons eight and nine of Ink Master, Boneface has also been pursuing a career in music, citing it as his true passion. Most recently he has released a single with Amada Records called “Spend It” off the label’s compilation album ‘Hip Hop Cruises to Jamaica’ which has topped Billboard’s Reggae Top 10.  Bone is joined on said album by such names as Lauryn Hill, Nate Dogg, Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, and Prodigy.  

A mentee of Roy Jones, Boneface has garnered a large social media following as well and has a full-length album named Fruition available on Spotify and Apple Music.  His lyricism is mainly conscious and has a voice reminiscent to this writer of T.I. mixed with Kevin Gates, especially heard in his previous single / music video ‘Everything Alright’.  Considering his drive, determination, and flexibility it’s safe to assume Boneface has many more accolades coming his way so make sure to get on this wave!

Check out Boneface’s newest single (here)

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