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J. Lye

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Boston’s J. Lye may only be releasing his debut album, “Behind the Lyes“, today but the upstart MC has been making noise for the past 5 years including delivering the hometown anthem “City on My Back (Boston)”:

Watch “City on My Back (Boston)” video:

On “Behind the Lyes“, J. Lye speaks on transitioning from his younger years to manhood and how the city of Boston influenced his music and his upbringing:

‘Behind The Lyes’ is the first album i’ve ever released, and the first project i’ve released in over 5 years. This album is incredibly personal to me, and spends time touching on my transition from my younger years, to becoming the man that I am today. Sonically, the album incorporates a ton of different sounds, but blends together to make a very complete project. The first two songs released were ‘Re-Introduction’ and ‘Let’s Talk’, and a video for ‘Back On The Market’ is on the way. I’ve always strived to make music that represents me, but also represents my city of Boston, and I believe this album does just that. I hope you all enjoy it.”

The album features guest appearances from the likes of Nitty Scott, Yung Bean, Gio Dee, and more.

‘Behind the Lyes’ tracklisting:

1) Re-Introduction

2) Back On The Market (Feat. Yung Bean)

3) Shane Hubbard (Interlude)

4) All I Need (Feat. Nitty Scott)

5) Wild & Hurt

6) Kasara Antonelli (Interlude)

7) Let’s Talk

8) City On Notice

9) You Don’t Know (Feat. Gio Dee & Millyz)

10) Drinks On Us (Feat. Tyler Pag)

11) Take You There

12) Need More

13) Ashely Sofia (Interlude)

14) I Still

15) Nightmares Of A Sinner