Boyò gets deep on new track ‘Smoke + Mirrors’

Boyò (pronounced BOY-yo) has released a new track titled ‘Smoke + Mirrors,’ the follow-up record to the summer anthem “Nobody” which has since garnered over 30,000 streams on Spotify. In this new track Boyò, gets vulnerable and talks about an experience with an older past lover. The single is available for purchase and streaming on all digital service providers. Listen to the track here.

The poignant track ‘Smoke + Mirrors’ features a hypnotic guitar riff and marks new territory for Boyò as he explores toxic masculinity and the expectations placed on men in relationships. Open and scarred, Boyò belts on the melancholic chorus, “I’ve got you figured out, your heart’s never around,” offering up a much more pellucid sound, while breaking down the notion that boys — especially black boys — can’t be emotionally vulnerable.

“This song unlike the first song I released is much sadder in tone,” Boyò confesses. “I remember growing up and being called a ‘cry baby’ for expressing my disdain for things. This label amongst other things I saw and heard growing up reinforced for me that the idea of me being emotionally vibrant was bad, in large due to the fact as a boy. As I got older, I found myself becoming emotionally unavailable especially to my own problems and needs, and eventually developing poor coping mechanisms such as dating other people who were also emotionally unavailable. Such painful experiences actually inspired this song which was conceived when I was dealing with such a circumstance. Through music, I found my healing from these experiences and through writing ‘Smoke + Mirrors,’ I started healing myself.”

For the track, Boyò teams up once again with Nate Lanzino who created the beat from scratch with loops from GarageBand. It marks a revolution in the sound of the singer who explores a more electronic sound compared to previous his previous release.

“I’ve been so lucky to hear positive feedback on the first release and I’m really excited to share this other side of my artistry,” Boyò says. “I’m still working on who I am as a musician and person, but I feel like I executed my goals for this year while holding my music up to my own standards. I feel accomplished internally, but externally I know that I’m just getting started and I can’t wait to release more material in 2020.”

For more on Boyò, connect with him on Instagram and Facebook.


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