While the current jazz revival is centred on South LondonLiverpudlian Brad Stank demonstrates that the scene spreads far beyond its epicentre. After first coming on attention with two self-described “sexistential” slow-burners in the shape of ‘Flirting In Space’ and ‘Daddy Blue’ , the young musician has just dropped a new video for ‘O.T.D.’.

Drifting through sensual, laid-back grooves, ‘O.T.D.’ captures the late night yearning of a love affair split by distance. Brad’s barely enunciated vocals explore desire in a way that’s somehow simultaneously passionate and insouciant, giving the impression of Michael Franks’ 70s West Coast jazz filtered through the contemporary bedroom production style of Homeshake and Rex Orange County.

“’O.T.D.’ is a hymn held close to my heart; my baby and I far away for the summer feeling adored despite our distance,” says Brad. Precious, voluptuous new love – an acronym never to be revealed.”

Brad directed and featured in the video, which stars his girlfriend Nina who plays bass in the dayglow theatrical punk band Pink Kink . Inspired by Romy Schneider’s performance in HenriGeorges Clouzot’s enigmatically unfinished 1964 film ‘L’Enfer’ (later recreated from the rushes for the 2009 partial documentary ‘Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno’), the video explores the pathetic state of being separated from your lover with both humour and romanticism.

Brad Stank’s solo work is a curious step away from his other music. Originally a member of the leftfield indie-pop band Sundogs, he also drums for rock ‘n’ roll reinventors Trudy and the Romance .

Vinyl available at: https://bit.ly/bradstank7

Stream at: http://bit.ly/2Gj6BiN