THQ Exclusive: Breeze – The Butta (Album) | @avatar_breeze |




Hip Hop’s master kicka, Breeze, out of Charleston, Sc released his project on June 11th titled “Tha Butta” which surprisingly come with a mini dictionary (Buttaology). When asked about what made him release a dictionary with his album, he smiles and says, “l just want to make things make sense out here in the universe for the people. There is great disparity among melanin people from an intellect standpoint and I’m going to bridge the gap!” What exactly is Butta you may ask? Butta is wisdom, knowledge, information, experiences, and fact wrapped in one. It is something you cannot speak, why? Everyone speaks so you must kick it! This project(Tha Butta) time travels, is thought provoking, rebellious, refreshing, and displays an individual who is simply and l quote, “Traveling his journey.” Throughout the entire album there are unique words that are unheard of but don’t trip, look it up in the Buttaology! It will begin to make sense placing you in an even better state of mind of appreciation for his art rather than just listening to the album solely. Breeze as well as his movement(FTH) is all about balance! Fly Trap Hippie represents any individual who believes in self! Your fly is your Fly, your trap is your enTrapment you’ve endured to overcome,and Hippie is peace, love, and happiness(physical). The balance is FTH, and the spiritual aspect of it is Free The Hold from any mental jurisdiction or beliefs other than self. As he states, “If you can’t beef with your beliefs then how is it believable?” Needless to say, FTH got something to say like Andre 3000 said at the 95′ Source Awards. #Butta

Tha Butta