Brian Daniel | TripleHQ Exclusive Interview | @iambriandaniel |

Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Queens bred and Beacon, NY raised singer, rapper and songwriter Brian Daniel.

What made you decide to first sing, and then later to take it seriously as a career?

I grew up a huge Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC fan, so I’d always sing their songs. And with both groups having 5 different singers with their own styles, that helped me discover my range and my own style as a singer… I started out actually rapping, but the more I’d practice and experiment in studio, the more my confidence grew as a vocalist. And now I’m here..

Paint us a picture of Beacon, NY and your life coming up there as a young buck and an artist.

I grew up heavy into sports, anything athletic and competitive I wanted in on.. Beacon is already a beautiful place with amazing people, but what makes our city so special is the influence it gets from art. We have a ton of ambitious creatives from here, so growing up around these types of people, especially musicians, inspired me to believe in everything I’m doing now.

What’s the first R&B song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

Sheesh, first R&B song.. I remember hearing “All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo for the first time thinking “I don’t know much about music but I know it’s supposed to sound like this” haha.. once I felt & heard that song, I knew I wanted to make music that would give that same experience.. if there’s one song that best represents R&B, it’s 100% that.

How did “Waitin’ On It” come together?

One day I was with Lowso going through beats. He played the “Waitin’ On It” beat and immediately I had the melody down.. I remember I was on Instagram Live and everybody watching was showing major love to what we had so far. After I laid the first reference track, we stopped some random guy on the street and played it for him.. he was like “oh yea, that’s a hit right there,” so we knew we had something special. I’m super proud of how the song came out.

What are your predictions for 2018, personally and musically?

This year I wanna grow as much as I can as a vocalist, a writer, a producer & performer. I believe so much in the strength of great music.. and I feel I’m in an amazing place right now with the right people around me, so now it’s all about execution.. we got so much music & merchandise coming.. I know by the end of the year, a lot more people will know what I’m about.


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