Bugsy The Boss Woman – “Bad Habit” (S.Y.O.D.) | @BugsyBossWoman |

Hip-hop artist and feminist champion, Bugsy, releases her badass new single, “Bad Habit (S.Y.O.D.)”. It’s a powerful, in-your-face track that sends a direct message to men about female sexuality and pushes Bugsy’s goal of smashing the patriarchy and empowering women everywhere.

In “Bad Habit”, Bugsy takes ownership of her sexuality: “See I’m a sexual woman, I know just what I want // And if it don’t turn you on, then you can go and get off it”. The track combines a strong electric guitar, electronic synths, and hip-hop beats with Bugsy’s sick flow to create an anthem of female sexual empowerment. In the end, she makes it clear to the boys that “You ain’t fucking with me, you can suck your own dick.”

“Bad Habit” follows the release of Bugsy’s debut single, “Fuckboy”, back in March. The music video for that track uses 3D art, compositing, and audio-reactive elements in a VR environment to create a one-of-a-kind 360-degree experience. Like “Bad Habit” it’s a clear representation of Bugsy’s unique and innovative approach to feminism in music.


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