Burden Lets Viewers Know Exactly How He Feels With “What Am I On” | @BurdenWorld |


Tampa, Florida rhymer Burden looks towards spray painted walls, railroad tracks and gritty bars for the Nate Perry Films-directed video for “What Am I On” –

It’s easy to relate to someone who has shared the same experiences and endeavored as you have. The same struggles of societies misfits and outcasts. Especially when you yourself have a story that burrows deep in emotions throughout darker chapters of your life. Burden, often refers to himself and his listeners as “The Underdogs”, meaning the less fortunate. He demonstrates pride in these features with his filterless honesty in which has been known to get him into trouble every now and again. But that might be just the thing that makes him stand out even more as an artist.

Born in Ohio, Burden had seen his father only a few times he can recall before his mother needing to rehabilitate herself from hard drug use took him and his sister Jessica to, Florida. This is where they would then begin a new life. It was a life that would lead him into expressing himself thru music.

Fast forward to today. The Tampa native has transitioned coasts and is now stationed in Los Angeles. He’s had four Facebook videos surpass the million view mark and also has amassed over 100k page likes. One of his most recent tracks is “What Am I On”, where he speaks about remaining cool during conflict and pressure. A rapid fire flow is displayed in front of graffiti murals and the city playing the background. Get familiar to Burden down below