ButtaBeats Inc feat T.O. & Bagz Da Ryda – COMMODITIES | @ButtaBeatsInc |

Paying homage to the classic East-Coast style of rap which is driven by lyricism over powerful beats. Commodities begins with T.O. followed by ButtaBeats Inc and ending with Bagz Da Ryda. Without a hook this posse cut gets straight to the point and in fact was recorded on the spot which adds to the spontaneity of it.

Charles Martin AKA ButtaBeats Inc is originally from Greenburgh, NY. Born in 1980 he fell in love with Hip-Hop during the 90’s; listening and drawing inspiration from artists such as Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, The Roots, Nas, Wu-Tang, and the like.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s and he had the opportunity to join U.D.R. (Up Da River) a collection of MC’s from the Greenburgh/White Plains area. It was as a part of this collective where Charles or Butta as he became known in those days honed his already sharp ear for music; producing beats as well as picking up the pen. U.D.R. transitioned into the Up North Cartel and released an album in 2005 titled Men Apart. Years later in 2009 Butta and Taj Mill (both from U.D.R. and Up North Cartel) released an album Shine From Within. While this album had some critical acclaim and led to 2 shows at the now closed Knitting Factory in downtown Manhattan NY; it failed to gain any traction in the marketplace.

9 years later and ButtaBeats Inc is a solo artist/producer who makes whatever kind of music he wants. The themes that resonate strongest with his music are lyricism, black power symbolism, and classic production which all hearken back to a golden era of Hip-Hop. His album The Revenge of Charles Martin released on 4.20.18 is a testament to what it took to get from an aspiring Rapper/Producer to actually being one.


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