Bitch In My Bag

Giving the streets something to blaze all summer long, Frank Versache and Jo BLK joins forces as Cadre The Regime to drop the hood anthem Bitch In My Bag. From the intricate mind of KeeVisions, the visionary behind the Migos Casting Call video, The Regime makes waves with the official video for Bitch In My Bag, providing hustlers a bag snatching hit to ride out Bitch In My Bagto.

Emerging from the streets of Cambridge, MA, Frank Versache and Jo BLK combine lyrical styles and personified flows to create an east coast sound driven by bounce and high energy trap rap. Killing the game as solo artists, the two create a full blown crime scene as The Regime; Versache’s bassy undertone meshing in the middle with Jo BLK’s adrenaline rush flow to create an urban masterpiece.

Visually pleasing with each scene littered with eye candy and salacious imagery, Bitch In My Bag places eyes everywhere on Cambridge, leaving us all on the edge of our seats wondering what’s next for The Regime.


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