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Cameralord announces “Cactus Cuts” and premieres the politically driven “Trump” visual, featuring Chicago’s Billionaire Black and East Phoenix rapper, Bizzo –

Reknown Phoenix videographer Cameralord aka Kor Capital has announced the debut release of “Cactus Cuts”, an ongoing mixtape series brought forward by the director himself. So to properly set things off, he premieres the lead off single “Trump” here on THQ. The song features the notorious Chicago clout god, Billionaire Black, as well as East Phoenix wild man, Bizzo.

Just over the past year, Black and Kor have been an unstoppable force within the underground rap realm. Their videos racked up an impressive number of views too. “How I’m Bummin”, “No Pen No Pad” and “Pressure” are sitting high in the hundred thousandths. However, it was the “YouTube Dat” video that really set things on fire. The Rico Reckless dis is nearing the 800k view count and continues to get plays.

So it was a no brainer for Cameralord to once again team up with Billionaire for “Cactus Cuts”. The lead off single “Trump” features a buttery, laid back sound courtesy of CaptainCrunch. This beat selection perfectly fits the wavy style of Black while the drums accompany Bizzo’s adrenaline filled word play.

Cameralord puts his directorial skills to the test and excels. With over 100 videos on his YouTube channel and growing, “Trump” shows why he’s became one of the sought after southwestern videographers. Kor begins the video with a Malcolm X interview segment which moves over to a drone shot of a chilling 45 billboard and vintage news reel from the civil rights era. The lens then picks up Billionaire Black, Bizzo and company posted up on the block reminiscing about the good old days. Back to the days before Trump, when Barack Obama was president.

You can find the must see “Trump” video below.

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