Carlos Andrez – ‘It’s Coming’ [Audio] | @carlosandrezfl


Carlos AndrezA coming of age record, Ecuadorian rapper Carlos Andrez states his name and cast his hat into the ring of contenders with his new track It’s Coming. A feeling dwelling in the depths of all up and coming emcees, Andrez questions the inevitability of his greatness and counts down the moments until it’s time.

One of the few Hip Hop talents emerging from Ecuador, Carlos Andrez’ flow on It’s Coming is young and full of life. Influenced by artists like Drake and Russ, Andrez saucy Latino accent paired with his intense lyrical fervor is both different and outstanding. Vibrant in his appeal and vivid in his wordplay, It’s Coming is a liberating single; deliberating building the anticipation from beginning to end as it’s creator struggles to reach the greatness that lies within himself.

Listen to Carlos Andrez’ It’s Coming below.