CAROLINE – “I Know Better”

CAROLINE is a breath of fresh air. Her soaring vocals, relatable songwriting, and inspiring wholesome image is what today’s teens need! CAROLINE is a teen mainstream pop singer based in Los Angeles with Southern roots in North Carolina. She sends a message of hope and inclusivity with her original music.

CAROLINE started performing at 3, writing lyrics at 8, and songwriting at 12. Every song CAROLINE writes is very honest and about her personal life to give the world an insight into her life. She hopes to help other young girls struggling like she has and making sure they know that they are not alone. Being a teenager these days is challenging- teenagers are juggling social pressures, demanding respect and a voice, and trying to find and express their authentic selves. She is the voice of the next generation.

I Know Better is rising pop star Caroline’s debut single! Her original music is highly anticipated from her 111k engaged followers on Instagram and overall 43 million views of her covers. I Know Better is an empowering break-up pop anthem with dance elements. This song comes from her personal experience of being with the wrong guy and crew. Caroline poured her heart and soul into every lyric with her co-writer/producer Dan Book. This song is meant to inspire people to get out of bad relationships and situations!


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