Songwriter, producer, and vocal standout Carter Reeves recently returned with what very well may be his strongest showing to date. Titled “Alone Time”, it’s a bouncy blend of pop and hip-hop stylings that offers a laid-back introspective on leisure and love. It now comes equipped with a wonderfully personal acoustic take that strips the track down to its bouncy roots and is sure to connect with old and new fans alike.

On the topic of “Alone Time”, Reeves explains, “The conflict the track stems from is the classic inner struggle that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ What you think you want is not always what you need, and I constantly battle with this concept. I’ve reached a point sonically in which I could be upfront about how I’m feeling. I am finally being honest in my writing and that is completely apparent on ‘Alone Time’.”

Reeves has become a critical darling with spins on Beats 1 Radio and support from a variety of outlets including PAPER, Nylon, Billboard, and Ones To Watch. On the streaming circuit, his 2018 single “Bittersweet” topped 538,000 streams and hit #1 on the HypeM Popular Chart, while in concert, he’s toured alongside The Holdup and performed at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest. It’s all the result of a nonstop work ethic that finds him constantly creating in his home studio, whether it’s guitar loops or never-to-seen comedic videos, with occasional trips to the Hashimoto Nursery to bring back another plant to tend to.



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