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Cash 4oesHailing from St. Louis, MO, rapper Cash 4oes sat down with Triple HQ to discuss the music scene in his market, STL artists in a post-Nelly era and overcoming the stereotypes associated with being a white rapper in a minority-dominated industry.

Still fuming from the release of his latest single Melo, a motivational, Hip Hop track encouraging listeners to strive for greatness, Cash 4oes stands more ready than ever for 2018.

And with an entire city behind him, the emcee asks who can be against him?

You’re from the Midwest, correct? How would you say your hometown has influenced your style as an artist?

Yep, I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. My city influences everything I do and not just with my music. You can tell when somebody is from St. Louis because they got that flavor. My music is a depiction of my city. My experience, my style, everything I do is St. Louis.

As a white emcee in a minority-dominated genre, how do you stand apart fromCash 4oes the competition? What makes you different from the G-Eazy‘s and Macklemore‘s of the world?
I hate that question, but I’m glad you asked it. I’ve been waiting to answer that question on a platform like this. The difference between me and Macklemore is that I’m not here to gentrify rap music. I make real street music; I’m from the war zone. My music isn’t for suburban white kids, my music is for everybody in the struggle trying to make it out.
How do you feel about the current music scene in your hometown of St. Louis?
A lot of people hate on what we have going in St. Louis, but let me tell you I love the music scene here. It’s a lot of great artists who are just moments away from their shine. And all the music coming out my cit, for the most part, is real. You can hear that pain. I fuck with the Benji Brothers hard, Stape, Nikee Turbo, LA 4’ss, Juice23…all their music is real.
What was the creative concept behind Melo? Are sports and basketball big influences on your music?
Melo is one of the realest songs I’ve written. When I say I been ‘ballin like Melo’ what I mean is that I feel like I’m one of the best, I just haven’t got my shot yet. Melo is one of the greatest, but he doesn’t have a championship ring. I have been grinding my whole life for this opportunity you’re giving me right now with this interview. I’m still nobody though. I’m on the come up. Sports influence my music a lot. Partly because I’m a big basketball fan and partly because rappers and ballers are all one in the same. Everybody grows up wanting to be a rapper or a basketball player. And honestly, I get jealous of all the hoopers. Being on an NBA roster is cooler than being on the radio to me. Shoutout Brad Beal and Jayson Tatum by the way.
What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome thus far in your career?
The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome thus far has been dealing with the loss of one of my best friends. D Boi was the coldest artist out of our whole gang. To this day, he’s my favorite rapper period. After he got murdered, I stopped making music for almost a year. I nearly drank myself to death. I dealt with a lot of really dark shit during that time. And to come back and make my music without him was really difficult for me.
What can fans expect to see from Cash 4oes in 2018?

I have a lot of great music coming. We’ve been touring a lot of studios in the area. I’m putting together a mixtape that will drop this year as well as a collaborative project with my right hand Steve-O Kush. We got a lot more visuals coming as well. Shoutout TakeOver Productions and my Videographer Louie Yokley.  Yall can expect to see a lot more Cash 4oes as well as a lot more Skeem. We got a whole team of great artists waiting to drop their projects. Keep your eyes peeled!





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