Cease Sim – On My Mind

Melbourne Based hip hop artist Cease Sim has returned to round off his 2019 year without the breakout record titled On My Mind.

With an emphasis on production lyrical quality Cease Sim surfs his way through the wavy harmonies to create a song about that special girl on his mind.

Every artist has a reason for why they do what they do. Some aspire to reach new heights and fulfil their dream of becoming a global megastar, others want to express themselves through an artform that conveys emotion and carries meaning spanning a time long after they are gone. And then there are those who pursue music for the sheer purpose of following their passion and challenging themselves with something that they love. Melbourne based hip hop / RnB artist and producer Cease Sim falls into the latter. When asked his end goal for the project Cease replied – “I love music and i just want to create a career and a life that allows me to feed my family through music.”

Beginning his journey in 2018 and inspired by the modern greats – Drake, Biggie and Kanye West, Cease Sim aspires to leave his legacy among them through his skills as a songwriter, producer, lyricist and performer. His list of shows are extensive, doing his thing at iconic Melbourne venues including Copy Cat at XE54, Laundry Bar, The Get Down at Horse Bazar and The Penny Black.


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