Rapper and singer Ceezlin first moved into the limelight after signing to a major and teaming up with YouTube original entrepreneurial music and entertainment channel SBTV. After a flurry of hits followed by a run at the top of the battle rap scene, he collaborated with fellow crew member Rag’n’Bone Man, who shot to international fame overnight.

Now with what is being described a break-through record, we find Ceezlin’s new release “Obstacles” taking centre-stage, and it’s his time. With it’s polished, instrumentally-generous production and patterned lyrical wordplay, you’ll find essences of Neo-Soul blended with Hip-Hop that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kendrick joint. The harmonisation on the title track will give you a taste of the level of detail this recording goes into, while the huge synth lead found on “They Got You Wrong” has the kind of epic projection you could you could imagine only fit to be playing live at 2 am in a packed out venue or stadium tour. One of the highlights has to be amazing “No More”, that carries a fiercely rising hook like 90’s RnB classic, that merges into gloriously dark 808’s where Ceezlin weaves a melody and bars that unravel a plan for a soon to be departed partner. It’s gripping, classy with what feels like effortless detail – not to be missed.


Check out the album now: https://fanlink.to/obstacles

Follow Ceezlin: https://twitter.com/ceezlin


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