Los Angeles recording artist Celena Santa Cruz delivers a visual to her soulful new single/remix “California Heaven”. With an in-studio performance, Celena speaks on how LA is a special place for dreamers. Produced by Producer/Composer/Pianist Lee TRBL,  Celena conveys her heartfelt introspection through sultry harmonies, which ride atop a hybrid of ambient neo-soul, smooth jazz arrangements and soulful melodies.

Los Angeles is the City of Dreams, the City of Angels, a city blessed and cursed with a glorious dream and façade of hopes glitter sprinkled on top if its sprawling expanse. It is a city without a center, a city with a rich and fabled past often bestowed with nostalgic memories not entirely based on fact; an erasure of memory.  The city is made up of so many distinct parts, communities intertwined and fraying at the edges. Sitting on top of one another, Los Angeles is seemingly without borders, an area of pulsing, moving bodies all swaying with the energy of the city’s rich and unique cultures.

Born and raised in the warmth of Tucson, Arizona. Celena is dedicated to music in many ways. Songwriting, producing and performing are all things that she has earned credits for and even that is not enough. In all of these areas she has ideas for projects and goals for improvement. To her, achieving her mantra, “Here to stay and I’m not going anywhere,” means improving in all areas not just being satisfied with “the show.”

The future contains much promise for young 23 year old Celena. 2013 will reveal her website, a LLC, a complete CD, and more videos. The simple truth is that the journey of Celena is more than what can be described in mere words.

Twitter @celenasantacruz

Instagram @seesc



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