It’s Time To “Change The Frequency” To Produkt & Justine Darcenne | @ProduKtJRG |


Jump into the baby blue drop top with Bronx native Produkt as he presents “Change The Frequency”, featuring Justine Darcenne –

Produkt continues to release quality material and for his latest video, Justin Darcenne joins him to add a heavy element of soul. “Change The Frequency” finds P going against the grain, as he’s accustomed to doing. With his thoughts as heavy as the weight of a waterfall, he speaks on the past, fame and maintaining thru it all. Still living to this day, Produkt shares his story, which to many, is there own. Check the video below.

Produkt, the hard-hitting rapper from the Bronx whose “one fan at a time” grassroots philosophy has netted him hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and deep respect from the hip hop blogosphere, is the first rapper to ever be nominated for more than 3 single-year Underground Music Awards in the UMA’s 11 year history.

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Produkt was just another dealer chasing the fast life. But unlike the typical story of a talented artist pursuing the wrong priorities to a dead end, he instead honed his rapping and writing skills and turned his focus solely to music upon the birth of his daughter.