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Los Angeles based emerging alt-pop artist Charlee Remitz shares fiery new single My Worst from her upcoming sophomore album Sad Girl Music. Leading with punchy synths and wicked lyricism, My Worst is the perfect post-breakup pop anthem to destroy your hotel room to. Singing “you’ve got my heart, so I’m coming for yours,” Charlee’s songwriting goes from helplessly in love to don’t mess with me at the flip of a switch. Produced by Zach Milo, the track is fierce, choppy, and full of lush electronic production that perfectly matches Charlee’s pointed songwriting.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Charlee Remitz this summer. On July 13th, the Los Angeles based artist released “To Tell You The Truth,” a sparkly electro-pop tune that gushes fresh love and total confusion. The single received praise from Impose Magazine and EDMSauce, who noted Charlee’s, “emotional and potent” songwriting skills, and has been steadily climbing the Spotify ranks with 5000 streams. “To Tell You The Truth” is the kitten to My Worst’s devil, but both tracks show off Charlee’s undeniable knack for slick melodies, clear storytelling, and ear for crafty production.

All of these qualities are put on full display throughout Charlee Remitz’s upcoming album Sad Girl Music. Filled with sparkly, electro-pop production, the 23 year old, Montana born singer-songwriter takes listeners through a whirlwind of a relationship. From realizing her first affections to acknowledging her own “Devilish” charm, fans are transported to an alternate reality of long desert drives and Hollywood Halloween parties.

Sad Girl Music is the first full length album since Charlee’s 2015 Bright White Trims. The debut album boasts hit singles “King’s Cup” (273K Spotify streams) and “BMW” (190K Spotify streams) and multiple American TV placements, including Total Divas and Bad Girls Club. She has since released successful singles 1000 Ruined Holidays (135K Spotify streams) and The Leftovers (75k Spotify streams).

Beyond releasing music, Charlee Remitz has spent the last three years taking care of herself and honing her craft. She moved from Nashville to Los Angeles and found a world of inspiration and an undeniable conviction to conquer her demons and stand with strength for other young women finding their own path and self-worth. She’s undeniably Montana’s alt-pop hero. Look out for more from Charlee Remitz this fall.

On the motivation behind My Worst, Charlee Remitz shares “I would never plainly describe myself as a writer. I’m more of a rewriter. I write and rewrite and agonize over lyrics, trying to pump as much meaning and profundity into them as I can. But in the instance of “My Worst,” I was just seeing red. Simple as that. My universe had turned crimson. I was furious. There was no need for massive rumination—anger happens to be one of the most inspiring and fueling emotions of them all, and I let it have its way with me.


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