Chase Stebbins x Stephen James – “Jeruz Cruise”

Empath, healer, innovator of sound. Chase Stebbins delivers full-bodied enchantment- carefully curated beats, intelligent wordplay, and authentic lyrics.

Staying true to his home, Chase collaborated with Nox Beatz, a Grammy-nominee producer, to drizzle on that East Coast flavor for his first single, Jeruz Cruise. In search of a new soulful sound, Chase introduces Stephen James on the intro and hook for an uplifting melody.

Lean easy into the sound of Chase Stebbins; Vibe to his message on staying present, learning how to flow in life, and embracing the importance of your true self.

Jeruz Cruise is a tribute to my hometown heroes, my best friends, and the kids growing up there now. Jerusalem Road is the home of multi-millionaire residences carefully plotted along the East coast shoreline of Massachusetts. It was every kid’s dream to own one of these one day, but when you’re 16 years old, it’s just that- a dream. So to get as close as we could, my friends and I would pack up one of our 90’s piece of garbage cars, roll one up, and hit the windy road as manifesting comrades. The car was a little vortex where we could become vulnerable with each other by sharing what was really up, instead of the masks we wore during school. Taking off the facades, we grew up authentically as brothers. This tradition is shared by not just my friend group, but so many kids around the South Shore of Massachusetts. We created this song to bring alive those moments that otherwise can seem lost during our day to day, and to inspire the kids back home to never stop dreaming of who they can become.


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