Chaz-O – “Money Make World Go Round” (single)

Chaz-O is the definition of a Harlemite. Harlem, New York is legendary for breeding hustlers out of the slums of NYC’s streets. From the Harlem Renaissance down to the multitudes of dope emcees that have called it home, Harlem has always been about making something from nothing.

Chaz-O is not only an artist with a growing buzz ready to blow up but also an astute businessman. Instead of trying to get on with someone else Chaz taught himself the music business and started his own publishing company, FamilyLoyaltyOughtaWin, which handles all of his intellectual properties.

With his business and music career growing Chaz has just released his newest single titled, “Money Make World Go Round”. Grammar aside the record is pretty straight forward.

The 3-minute long sample-heavy record features one of the most well-known samples of all time as the centerpiece. Borrowing from the Stylistics’ all-time classic, “People Make The World Go Round”, makes for some serious ear candy. Throughout the song, Chaz-O delivers a clear, laidback flow that definitely gives off a Harlem swagger. Rhymes about hustling to get the money by any means may sound cliche but is also part of everyday life in the gritty section of Manhattan. Chaz does enough with the lyrics and flow to not make this subject sound mundane.

Listen to “Money Make World Go Round” by Chaz-O below via Apple Music:


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