Why “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is So Dope & Why Yall Are Pissed About it


Netflix just dropped “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” an extreme controversy bomb over the past week, which is a dark spinoff from the original show “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”. The show brings to life the satanic witchcraft lifestyle, and people are mad because somehow they feel like they are chained to a bed and forced to watch it.

Sabrina starts the show as a young witch who has to choose between her mortal lifestyle or signing her name off to Satan (selling her soul) to become the greatest witch to walk the earth.  Sabrina chooses her mortal life with her friends and boyfriend Harvey and ruins a ritual on her 16th birthday and also the full moon to give up immortal life to be with her friends.

After many episodes, you see Sabrina fighting with her mortal everyday lifestyle vs her immortal ancestral family. From casting spells that are illegal in her craft, to finding her “Familiar” (that would be your spirit animal…which is Salem for her). She even tried to help Harvey bring his brother back which opened up the point where she had to tell him she was a witch. Mind you, earlier in the season she told him and it didn’t go well so she erased his memory.

Now let me explain why yall are pissed.

You wanted your normal corny ass witchy show that focuses on witches scrunching their noses like “BeWitched” and wanted a cat that talks, because its super cute. You wanted the Wizard of Oz where the wicked witch got murdered by a house slammed on her. You wanted magick…but pull a rabbit out of a hat magic…not hoodoo, voodoo, dark witchcraft magick.

You’re mad because in the last 5 years, yall have turned witchcraft into a trend. You’re buying crystals and candles, bragging on your social media timelines about how you’re preparing your ritual for the next full moon. Youre screaming everything wrong in your life is because of Mercury Retrograde, and you can’t date someone due to their astrological sign.

But yet…you publicly HATE witchcraft. You have been taught throughout your entire life that its all evil. But secretly you’re obsessed.

This Sabrina show is just ONE avenue of witchcraft out of so many. Not every path is evil. And honestly I’m not mad that black magick got their shine for once. I am a green witch which means I’m more healing from natural herbal work. I dont practice black magick, but I fucking respect it. I don’t believe in what they believe, or do I worship an entity in any means necessary.

Can we bring up how many shows about witches have hit the screens lately? American Horror Story has now brought back the coven because their fans were obsessed with the storyline.  Charmed has made a comeback, and now Sabrina. Witchcraft (even in fictional storylines)  needs to be seen from all angles and not just good.

There are Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches, and that educational, open minded research is on you to truly understand. There is also Hoodoo, Voodoo, Vodun and so many more African historical crafts that are still practiced to this day.  But to assume a fictional character based off a comic book defines my sisters in this craft clearly states you have no idea what youre talking about. Or to assume we all worship satan is hilarious. There are white, green, red, brown, and so many more witches that dont worship an entity that we do not believe in.

But yet…Christians have thrown us all in one boat. We’re evil because we have dream premonitions and warn our friends. Were evil for feeling negative energy in a room and warning our friends. Were evil for saying were witches when really all we believe in is being one with the universe, being tree huggers, being feminists, fighting for whats right and so much more. Were evil for just saying WERE WITCHES.

To be so upset about this show truly baffles me, but Im more concerned at how many people will watch this that already have stupid close minded religious views who will think this confirms their ignorant religious thoughts and stereotypes of witches.

I am a descendant of the witches you burned alive for being dope. To be this upset about a fictional character that you feel defines me or my sisters..please find a library..were done being bothered with your fictional storyline bullshit. Blessed Be…


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