Chin Injeti Releases “On My Own”

What if Prince, David Bowie & Gary Neuman got together to write a song? With his latest single titled On My Own, 3x Grammy-winning producer, songwriter & artist Chin Injeti has done just that.

Injeti calls the song a declaration of sorts, celebrating his independence as an artist.  From production to lyrics to vocals and all the instrumentation, every part of the song was created by Injeti himself in what he describes as a freeing experience.

On My Own is a song that he loves, first & foremost. It takes the listener to a place tinged with the familiarity of the past, touched by the future and grounded in the now. A clear hybrid of New Wave & Funk, the mood of the track says it all. Recorded on only vintage gear, its melodic bassline features the Mini Moog and Prophet 5, with drums programmed on the iconic Linn 9000.

Injeti created this song for the educated ear, for the listener who appreciates in equal parts the new, the old, and the obscure. The bassline is all ‘80s – dark but somehow hopeful, complemented by synth and drums full of momentum that make you want to move. The glue that holds it all together is Injeti’s vocal – conjuring echoes of Prince in its style and Bowie in its sonic execution.

With an eye to the year ahead, Injeti looks forward to playing this and other new material from his upcoming EP in a series of live shows across North America. New York, London, Toronto & Los Angeles are all riding high on the list as places that continue to nurture his artistry. From Prince to Bowie to Neuman and beyond, these cities have provided an endless wellspring of inspiration drawn from their musical past that lives on in their present day.

This is On My Own – turn up the volume, take it in, and dance.


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