As the old saying goes, sometimes you don’t choose your path in life, your calling chooses you. Such is the case for Detroit native ChinaMan Himself. Growing up near the legendary Motown, ChinaMan Himself’s youth was heavily influenced by music. At the behest of his family, the youngster was exposed to genres such as deep house, rock, oldies, jazz and of course, hip-hop. Casually playing instruments and being a fan of music seemed to be the path for him, but the universe had greater things in store as he unexpectedly began creating in college and it is there he discussed his true passion. Since then, the newcomer has been hard at work, crafting out his own niche in the music scene. Lifting inspiration from the eclectic group of artists he was raised to, ChinaMan Himself formed his sound and plans to release his forthcoming EP “NudeBeach” in May of 2018. Until then, he shares the new single from the project in the form of the visuals to “Forever Magical.” Written and produced by himself (pun intended), he also co-directed the trippy visual which you can check out.


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