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While there are a lot of opinions on not only a large portion of the new music released today, but also the artists that make it. Fortunately, one thing still rings true, great music speaks for itself. James Malone best known for his stage name Chino is a rising artist Atlanta, Georgia’s College Park area, makes great music.

What encouraged Chino to begin making music?

I was raised listening to Hip Hop, and it molded my life. I grew up listening to T.I. (Clifford Harris) I would write his songs down verbatim on paper. I would do that to help understand how to express southern Trap style music. Which help me to relieve stress and connect to the world about things I was going through in my life.

How do you feel about current hip hop music?

Hip Hop has taken a drastic change, it has leaned toward more about clot or status and what you have materialistically rather than how good your lyrics flow. A lot of rappers talking about “DRIP” on Instagram, and behind closed doors they sell their soul just to have a “DRIP” but not get the knowledge of the music business.

Which current artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I feel like Meek Mill is the most talented underrated Artist, and would like to do a project with him. I would also like to do a project with Quavo from the Migos; he creates some dope hooks that we can definitely relate to with Atlanta language.  Atlanta, which is currently hip hop nation, has its own language that the world is starting to understand and vibe to it. It’s only certain artist out here that can give that dope ATL language and I am about to give y’all that College Park side of Atlanta swag.

What is your goal as an Artist in the next 5 years?

To create Hit records and top charts, and let people hear that real hip hop/rap can still be a factor in good music. I want to take advantage of what the Entertainment Industry has to offer, whether music, television, movies, perform on award shows, etc…

How do you approach music differently from other artists?

I give my music a meaning, and I try to include my life experiences to provide good content and make it something people can relate to.  It takes me to another space, as I write music it helps me relax while expressing my feelings. I just hope that people can take something from my music that will help them deal or cope with life situations.

What was the inspiration for your first single “Trenchez”?

My song “Trenchez” arose from the struggle. When I was writing that track, it was expressing how I manage to stay above water and then some. The hardest part about being an artist is staying focus through all the hard times, but it’s a blessing to be able to make good music while going through the life struggles at the same time.

Do you believe that artists should take responsibility for the impact of their music on today’s youth?

I think that artists should take more responsibility for their music, songs used to be about things going on in your neighbor and stuff that was happening in your hood that you wanted to share with the world. The music industry has turned into fake clout and people who never even been in the streets that they talk about it in their music. I promise you, some of these rappers would not walk around without bodyguards saying the N word in some parts of Atlanta, Los Angeles or Chicago. But, they be on Instagram and Social Media running they mouth for likes and shares. Get back to the bars and stop fronting…


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