Chris Balderas – Mad | @_ChrisBalderas |

Chris Balderas

“Mad” from Chris Balderas is a song about being overlooked. About feeling unappreciated and being ready to move on to bigger and better places from your current situation. Being mad is one of those basic human emotions that everyone can relate to and you can feel a special energy when this song comes on.

Born and raised in South Texas, Chris Balderas is the beautiful byproduct of an eclectic and unique musical surrounding. Sounds of Houston’s screwed and chopped as well as the Tejano music that embodied his youth both find their way into his addictive melodies and diverse beat selection.

Growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, Chris has become a prominent figure of the city’s vibrant creative scene, collaborating frequently with it’s best musicians, photographers, videographers, artists and clothing designers.


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