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In today’s culture, it’s becoming easier to “hook up” rather than to create a real connection with that special someone. “Backstory” details past situation-ships in a gritty yet straight-forward manner.

His style is undeniably captivating. The Chicago rapper, producer and performer is secretly plotting his take over to what we know as Hip-Hop. Possessing a flow that sounds rather smooth but yet slick, and charisma to have an addiction for, Chris Parker is the definition of what happens when skills and swagger meet the streets.

Currently with his own company, SelfMadeGlory™, Parker’s interest in music sparked at the age of 16. Unfortunately, this spark became diffused when his mother relocate to Michigan in 2004. This move would prove to be a blessing in disguise; without any known friends, this demanded a new social effort to meet people quick and showcase lyrics that’ll have any listener shocked.

Chris decided to take a different route to stardom upon his return in 2007. He refocused his energy and decided learning the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of the business was going to advance his career to the next level. So he began educating himself as a record company A&R. These duties simply helped him learn what an A&R would be looking for if they met him. After gathering enough information about the business, the SelfMadeGlory™ team was then built.

“If you have a desire to be good, that drive to be great.. no-one can ever stop you”. says Chris. “Stay determined to be successful”

Dec. 2012, Parker started to learn the art of creating instrumentals. Without any knowledge of producing, he began with softwares FL Studio and Logic Pro. After landing placements with a few local artist, he decided to build a catalog of beats for himself.

“Making beats is definitely the way to go. I also find it a lot easier to network with people, being a producer.” He states “Everyone needs beats. Rather your the local rapper, aspiring YouTube singer, celebrity recording artist or film producer… Everyone needs beats”.

Releasing his 2013 independant mixtape titled KeepItG , this record prides itself on designed songs that highlights the struggles of everyday life. In his own words, KeepItG (G for Genuine) is being true to yourself. The success of these underground records are grabbing listeners and getting recognition from people all over. Chris is guaranteed to bring that same success on future projects.

With a platinum rap based mind-set, this creative machine is rapidly growing into a Hip-Hop powerhouse. Chris Parker is well on his way to becoming the voice of Hip-Hop’s next generation.


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