Chuck N Lock Ft Skyzoo – “Suede” | @ChuckNLock @skyzoo |



Delaware duo Chuck N Lock present the Skyzoo-assisted “Suede” single as found on their fourth album entitled “Just Desserts” –

Wilmington, Delaware duo Chuck N Lock have a heavy lyrical focus that ranges from political issues to cultural topics. They’ve created a talent collective named Happy Campers that consists of emcees Chuck Angus and Lockjaw as well as three producers. Having already released “Select Cuts”, “Perfect As Always” and Rampage World Tour, the fellas now present their latest offering, “Just Desserts”.

The album dropped on September 5th and includes the next song we’re featuring on THQ. The song is titled “Suede” and carries a guest feature with Skyzoo. The production is bursting with smooth Jazz tones and a mean flute melody. As one unit, the three emcees produce quite the Hip Hop dessert. Check “Suede” out below and if you’re digging their sound, peep for the album afterwards.