Pensacola’s Clade Tackles Mental Health Issues On “Meltdown”



Clade shares “Meltdown” off of his forthcoming EP, “Consciously Live and Die Elated”, which tackles the ever so growing issue of mental health

Mental health is a serious issue in today’s world. If this song feel real to you, its probably because you’ve felt some of these emotions. There is nothing wrong with feeling emotions, you can’t block feelings but what you can do is find something you love to channel them into. We get so lost in our everyday things we have to do that we forget to make time for the things we love doing. Find that thing you love to do, the thing that drives you most and get lost in it.

If you are currently feeling these emotions don’t be embarrassed or scared to reach out and talk to someone about it. You would be surprised how many people are going through similar struggles. If you know someone who feels like this, remind them how important they are to you. Spend time with them, love them. Remember there is light out there, sometimes you just have to completely drown in the darkness to find it.