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Closed Doors

Closed Doors drops a single focused around our favorite place in the entire world, “Home”

Julian, 50% of Closed Doors, describes their new song as follows: “Home is a song based on a relationship that has ended. She has started to move on and to see other people, while he’s still in grief – longing for her to come back. At this point he just wants to know who she’s seeing and who’s taking her home, both physically and mentally.”

“The message with the song is to show people that it’s ok to be emotional when you’re left heartbroken” says Shivan.

Closed Doors

Closed Doors is a new, vibrant power duo consisting of the multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Shivan and Julian. With the former of Norwegian and Iraqi descent and the latter with a Norwegian mother, Filipino father and an upbringing partly in California – this duo pools all of their influences together to create something special. With radio friendly choruses and sweetly smooth pop that meets R&B, this is music that absorbs all the influences that the world has to offer.

Shivan and Julian have such a wide range of experiences and influences it’s a wonder they’ve made music so cohesive, direct and addictive. “My dad and his relatives have always kept the Filipino culture very close,” says Julian, “so I think that has a lot to do with my love for music, as the Filipinos love music and especially karaoke.” Julian’s grandfather, who lives in California, gave him a ukulele and from there he never looked back, pulling rock star moves while listening to Green Day – only for the pop and R&B influences to finally take hold.

As for Shivan, getting a piano at the age of ten set him up nicely for a career as a multi instrumentalist, but he admits that he “grew up listening to country because my mom loves it. I’ve then been influenced by more EDM style music from the gaming community.”

“I would say that the connection between us was instant,” reveals Julian, “and we are very productive when we work together. We are two guys going through our own stuff and we’re simply pouring both our emotions into the songs – and I think we show that in what we’re writing.”

With weighty messages combined with uplifting tones and a soul-crushingly gorgeous drops, closed doors creates tunes that combine Shivan and Julian’s past, present and future with a colorful soundscape and melodic depth – and leaves us wanting more.


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