Clyde Kelly Steps Forward on New Album “Side Hustle” | @whoisclydekelly |

LA-based singer/songwriter Clyde Kelly released his heavily anticipated second project “Side Hustle,” independently distributed by Halliburton Productions.  Throughout the past, Clyde established himself as rising artist quickly developing his fan base and accumulating over 2.3 million streams with no label support.


Originally from North Carolina, Clyde’s music is wrapped in the southern elements he grew up in while incorporating the melodic sounds of the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area. His latest album is filled with shout outs to his Southern roots while foreshadowing his new life in California. Jam packed with synth melodies, romantic hooks, and ambitious references to stacking paper – the EP is a refined project of a developing artist.


In 2015 he is signed to the independent label he co-founded, Halliburton Productions, and spent 18 months developing his sound. His latest project, Side Hustle, expands upon the success of his debut LP, Not Rich Yet, which was released in November of 2016 – generating almost 3 million streams to date.


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