Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, Clyde Kelly takes musical influence from southern hip-hop and R&B acts like OutKast, The-Dream, and J. Cole. He learned to freestyle in college at Chapel Hill, NC, and signed a deal with indie label Halliburton Productions in mid-2016.

His debut album Not Rich Yet has racked up over 2 million streams on Spotify alone, and his follow-up EP, LRx, debuted at #38 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart. In 2018, he launched his released a new single every month, and moved to Los Angeles to grow his reach. In July 2019, he again hit the charts with his sophomore effort, Side Hustle, debuting at #28 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts.

“Luv Me” is an R&B single from Clyde Kelly, produced by skywave. This song represents a slower, more lo-fi approach from the LA-based songwriter, as opposed to the more incisive hip-hop-centric style on his recent mixtape, Side Hustle.

Mixed & mastered by Boi Yaye


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