Hailing from Sanford, NC, Clyde Kelly grew up singing in church choir and listening to Kid Cudi. In school, he spent his time freestyling and writing poetry until his passion for music evolved into more than a hobby. He co-founded an independent label, Halliburton Productions, in early 2015 and spent 18 months developing his sound, writing 100+ tracks as potential cuts for his debut project, Not Rich Yet. With little promotional support and no major label involvement, he racked up 1M+ streams on Spotify within 4 months of its release (November 1st, 2016). The fan-favorite single, “Magic,” was featured on a video blog by Gary Vaynerchuk, and subsequently placed on two staple Spotify playlists, Discover Weekly and Hip-Hop Central. His follow-up EP, Love Rx, debuted at #38 on the iTunes R&B/Soul charts in May 2017.

This record is for people who strive and aim high without feeling the need to talk about it. People love to tell you they’re “hungry,” but actions speak louder than words. They can watch me eat.

This is my first single of 2018, and my first ever producer credit. 919 and I collaborated last year on ” Money Valentine,” which just broke 100,000 Spotify streams. This time, I co-produced the record, adding some instrumentation and a beat box breakdown at the end.