Complex Theory [C.P.T] – “I Am” (Prod. Uran Kabashi) | @ComplexTheory23 |



Following up the debut album “Perspectives”, Complex theory has 1 upped himself with his newest masterpiece “One Day You’ll Understand”. This is the 1st single titled “Last Moments” Directed and edited by MoFlix aka Mo Beats. Produced by Sage The 64th Wonder. Some really good music here, coming straight from the streets of Chicago. The Album “One Day You’ll Understand” has been reviewed on as well as RudeBoy Magazine, and has many songs featured on the sound machine. A great up and coming talent from the Chi, with a witty vocabulary and a knack for seeing things in a different light. “Last Moments” focuses on the many different possibilities and what if’s that would occur in tense situations, and questions our very make up as human beings. With a silver tongue Complex laces some lyrical daggers over a gritty 90’s influenced heavy drum sample, that hearkens to the days of Wu Tang Clans RZA and The great J Dilla.