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After climbing the Hype Machine Popular Chart to #3, with the infectious “Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)”, Conrad Clifton returns with something a bit deeper.

“Silent City (Everything Is Connected)” further establishes Conrad’s affinity for genre blending. This afro-house inspired track delivers Black Coffee-esque qualities, with just a hint of modern r&b, á la Pharrell or Drake. For the cinematic opening, you’re transported to a busy marketplace, in a bustling major metropolitan area. The pedestrian and street traffic gradually begin to fall silent, leaving only the heartbeat of the city. The first official single to feature Conrad’s voice, he goes with a socially conscious theme, and a philosophy of “less is more”.

“NYC is one of the craziest cities on earth, congested with millions of people, and it never sleeps. But if you happen to come home from a long night out, at 4 or 5 in the morning, you’ll have a chance to experience this city at rest. It’s actually pretty quiet. Calm, even. The street lights and bodega signs are reflecting off the damp concrete. Steam is rising from the manhole covers, as you walk to the train – it’s a time to reflect”, says Conrad.


“You wonder ‘where are all those people now? what is their life?’ And that leads to thoughts of how, all of us are what gives this city life. Then you’re down a rabbit hole pondering humanity haha. A much longer conversation, but that’s where the song comes from. I wanted to give people that existential feeling I felt. The calm in the middle of chaos. Or, at least plant a seed that starts a deeper conversation.”


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Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn based electronic artist, and Infinity Pool Recordings’ label founder. He blends electronic music and hip-hop together in unique and daring ways, that tell a tale through each tune. With over 2 Million streams on Spotify, Conrad has received editorial playlist placements on Dance Rising, Electronic Circus, Bass Arcade, Friday Cratediggers and more. Winner of the Independent Music Award for BEST DANCE/ELECTRONIC EP, Conrad was called “one of the most exciting electronic artists to watch” by EARMILK.

For the new single “Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)”, Conrad goes back to his roots with a soulful house bop. His early material was all sample-based rap beats (flashback to Yelawolf’s “Down”), but now he’s serving tunes that help dance away the gloomies. If ever there was a ‘happy’ breakup song, this is it. Conrad is “channeling strong J DILLA and KAYTRANADA vibes on this record”, says Magnetic Magazine. “He bridges funky, soulful production, jazzy flourishes and quick vocal samples that flutter the top.”

“I found a public domain sample and had nooo idea what to do with it, until I chopped it into a hundred pieces. The “never seen a” clip is from a completely different part of the song from “broken heart”, but I knew once I put them together, it would be the theme I could build everything else around. I wanted to go for this feel of, like “f**k a broken heart, I’m still living my best life”. Some music is cool that way, it helps you get past negativity.”

His previous appearances with artists like San Holo, Sweater Beats, Chrome Sparks, PomoJay Prince, StayLoose and GANZ, have Conrad looking to bring his music to a much larger audience. His performance at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival was the perfect place to start.

“Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)” is available now! Grab it here


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