Coolest Gift Ideas For Hip Hop Fans

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to break out the presents for that one person in your life who is the biggest hip hop fan you know. Birthdays, Anniversaries or just because you think that person is the coolest member of your tribe are all good reasons to splurge and get that person something special. But what exactly would you buy for a hip hop fan? 


Look no further – here is a list of the coolest gift ideas for hip hop fans.


1 – Stretch & Bobbito Stance Socks

Stretch & Bobbito Stance Socks giftAny hip hop fan who has been around will recognize the names of Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia (AKA DJ Cucumber Slice). This DJ duo are without a doubt two of the most pivotal names in the world of hip hop. It was from their radio show on WKCR at Columbia University that hip hop fans throughout the nation were introduced to such hip hop greats as DMX, Jay-Z, The Notorious BIG, Busta Rhymes and so many more artists from the 90s. The socks are one way to keep the pair of Stretch and Bobbito together forever and will show that you are a hardcore hip-hopper from way back.


2 – Nike Air Jordan 1 “Off White”

 As part of Nike’s The Ten Collection, the Off-White AJ1 is not your average sneaker. This particular one was deconstructed and redesigned by Virgil Abloh. Abloh, for those of you who aren’t quite up on your hip hop history, was the art director for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne” Tour. His reputation has given the Off-White shoe brand a great deal of focus having already received shout outs from hundreds of big names in rap music.


3 – Autographed Copy of “This Day In Rap and Hip-Hop History” by Chuck D

 With more than 30 years in the rap music world, Chuck D is a big name. Not only does his longevity in the business give this 500-page book it’s backbone, but the connections Chuck D has made over those years has made him one of the foremost historians of this music genre. The book includes many classic photos and tons of insights from Chuck D himself having been there as the former frontman for Public Enemy. If you are serious about learning about the roots and history of rap and hip hop, this volume is a must-have for any music lover’s library.


4 – “Dope” 

It’s a movie directed by Rick Famuyiwa which has been described as a youthful, vibrant look at the renewal of rap and hip hop music. It features a young cast of rappers who use the music of the 80s and 90s as their inspiration. Set in Inglewood, California, the movie is a fun, funny and intriguing tale that incorporates rap and hip hop music in the story like it never has been before. “Dope” is only available on Blu-Ray and Ultraviolet, which lets you stream it to your preferred device for viewing. It may be the one motion picture that inspires your hip hop friend to explore their creative side a little further as well.


5 – New Era’s Chance The Rapper “3” Hat

Here’s a great way to not just honor the music and styling of Chance the Rapper – now you can even have a piece of his wardrobe to help you look the part. If you have been a fan, you know that Chance is rarely without his “3” baseball cap. New Era jumped on board and created the perfect fitted replica of the cap that is far from fancy but most definitely looks like it was ripped off of Chance’s head at a concert or in a club. They are also available in more than one color but each features the giant numeral three front and center in bold white so that it can’t be mistaken. 


6 – Golf Le Fleur Shirt

 The Golf Wang line of shirts created by rapper Tyler is generally considered both the most sophisticated and the most understated label in the clothing game. The shirts are high-end in appearance but not so much so in the pricing department. Regardless, these shirts have character and speak on a level that rappers and hip-hoppers can relate to. You have to see them to really appreciate the sophistication and understated design and approach to the way these shirts look. You can find them online or buy direct from the outlet located in the Fairfax neighborhood Tyler grew up near.


7 – Kool8 Water Bottle

 Nothing could be cooler than having one of these with you at all times. The Kool8 Water Bottle is more than just a sleek, sexy looking water container. The company who manufactures and sells these products also puts 20% of its profit into delivering clean water to those parts of the world without it. So whoever you give this water bottle will not only look good, but you’ll be doing something good at the same time. Featuring a double-walled vacuum insulation design, beverages stay hot or cold for hours and the durable stainless steel construction fights wear and tear. It also comes with a tea infuser and as this is a reusable product, it is instantly eco-friendly reducing the number of single-use cups and bottles that end up in landfill sites. Plus, CoolThingsChicago calls this the “best water bottles for 2020” which means you need to get one for your hip hop friend.


In Conclusion

Gift giving is not as hard to do as some have made it out to be. Even the most difficult person on your shopping list can be satisfied if you look hard enough. For those friends of yours who stand out from the rest because they are such huge hip hop fans, they are no different. There are so many different and unique gift opportunities available just for them. Sure, you could always just opt for a gift card and leave it at that, but why would you when you have this incredible list of gift ideas available to you?


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