R&B Artist Corey El Dives Into An Artist’s Mind With “When I’m Gone” – @CoreyEl

Corey El

Virginia’s Corey El not only showcases his song crafting skills on “When I’m Gone”, but he also gives us a taste of his production talents –

Corey El ponders a question many artists have shared throughout life, will people remember their art after the pass? On “When I’m Gone”, Corey delves deep into this topic over a Timbaland sounding beat which was entirely self-produced. Corey chants “When I’m dead and gone and heart’s no longer pumping, would my art be buzzing or was this all for nothing?”. These simple lines alone sum up an artist’s worst fears. After spending a good portion of life, if not entirely, painstakingly creating music for the people; that burning question is one that goes unanswered until our dying day. Enter the mind of Corey El and “When I’m Gone” via Soundcloud.



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