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Cory Rhymal

“Self Inflicted Ignorance (I Just Don’t Wanna Think About It)” is the outro to the “The Human Parts” EP from Cory Rhymal. The song finds the Chicago artist talking about being around friends who’s drug consumption becomes scary.

“The Human Parts” puts the listener in present moments, where Cory Rhymal is battling with different aspects of his own humanity. We become a spectator of human emotion taking control of a person’s thoughts and actions.

Cory seems to dive into all these things from a personal perspective, giving us a front seat on his own rollercoaster of emotions.

“Every person’s situations are different. Some live 5 completely different lives before they leave this earth. I know that personally. One thing that is the same though… we all feel. And I know in the past, for myself, most of the time it’s feel and then react. Instant. The Human Parts is really a handful of situations where I’m just analyzing the way I felt, the way I was thinking, so that I can figure out how to grow and be better in future circumstances.”


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