Create An Experience for Your Audience (Article #2)

Welcome back to the “Create An Experience for Your Audience” Mini Blog Series! Click here to catch up on Article 1 where we spoke on Accessibility, Brand Appeal and Options. In this post we will discuss what you can do to MARKET these topics. How can I broaden my Availability? Who can help me with my Brand Appeal? And finally what are my Options? While your brand is “Under Construction” you can promote what you would like but we also recommend to keep it limited. If you describe the whole experience there will be no WOW factor. You want your audience to feel like they’ve uncovered lost treasure EVERY TIME they click! Every time they stumble upon one of your posts or get an email update. Listed below are 3 ways to broaden your experience through your Accessibility, Brand Appeal and Options.

#1 How Can I Broaden My Availability?

Scenario: You’re a music artist that has finished the music legislation, publishing and PRO registration. You will most likely look into distribution. The most popular and affordable music distribution can be found at, or! When you are placing your music in stores and streaming sites, you should take into consideration that most sites and stores will have a preference depending on location. For example, Pandora is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Targeting Japan with your marketing campaigns will unfortunately result in loss. Where is Spotify mostly used? Who is using Deezer? The all time favorite, Apple Music or Google Music?

WHY CHOSE ONE? Especially when there are literally hundreds to chose from. This also makes sense when it comes to choosing a preferred social media. Demographic reports will definitely lead you in the right direction when it comes to these decisions.

#2 Who Can Help Me With Brand Appeal?

Logos, websites, social media pages and advertisements are the basic Branding focus. These are literally what the audience will identify with. You know the feeling you get when you see a Coca Cola product opposed to a local soda. Unless you’re feeling adventurous you are most likely going to pick the brand you recognize. It makes sense when you are the consumer and want to know exactly what you are paying for.

Research graphic designers, AFTER you have selected the most unique brand name that you can think of. Popular brands will use keywords in the brand name that explains what they provide for value, what they provide for service or what market etc. Be unique but make sure you do not overthink this step. Be original while expressing common interest. Consultations would really help you reach ultimate representation. Research and seek out companies providing “Branding Consultations”.

If you lack the experience of building businesses you can still spot out a good graphic when you see it. Don’t be shy to tell someone that you are not happy with their results. Customers, clients and fans should feel value in the experience. Have fun with your brand!

#3 What Options Can I Provide? What are MY Options?

E-commerce or brick and mortar? Should I just make an app instead? Website? Don’t get overwhelmed. Where do I sell my products/services? How do I sell my products/services? Who will be buying my products/services? This should be the most important part of your planning. Design a business plan from here on out. This is when developing a brand gets fun but it is also the responsibility end of the spectrum as well. Pricing, expenses for ads or promotion items like flyers or business cards are all under the HUGE spectrum of OPTIONS!

Document the amount it will cost to ship your product. This might include paying your internet bill, e-commerce subscription (which is sometimes the case), materials, ad budgets and the list goes on and on. Leverage your time for administrative work such as billing or paying invoices and/or generating new leads through marketing research and application. (Music merchandise and brands should definitely capitalize on this!)

Collect data from your potential customers or clients to get a game plan. Surveys (both physical copy and website have shown to be effective), consultations and research would be the best way to find your niche market. Music artists, producers, media and other entertainment professionals use these steps to gain massive traction in their region.

Good luck, feel free to comment feedback! This blog post is meant to spark ideas. Beat the odds and triumph! Follow and make sure you check out my next blog about RE-BRANDING! When and Why Would I Re-Brand Myself???



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