Create An Experience for Your Audience (Article #1)

Welcome to the, “Create An Experience for Your Audience” Mini Blog Series! We all want to capture the basics of a digital experience. In modern times we have the control at the edge of our fingertips to create our own experience. Whether it be a crafted playlist on your favorite streaming service, or setting your ringtones to a hit record. Videos and memes included in all the madness, we also have the option to share our favorite experiences with friends. This should be a huge message to brands and small businesses across the board. You have the access (as long as the FCC and service providers allow it) to find out what you want to know. Put yourself in the shoes of a modern music fan. Whether it is a student in college or a construction worker the same rules will apply. For the most part we all have specific details that make us click links or ads. Listed  below are 3 topics that should be considered when constructing your brands’ EXPERIENCE!

#1 Accessibility

Where can the general public find your brand or product? Who are you planning on helping? What problems are you solving? Can the potential customer or client save you as a shortcut or an app? Are you on popular, or mediocre apps and websites? Obviously there are a lot of factors when considering what is your best route. For example if you are trying to merchandise t-shirts you are going to take a different route than a new single on Tidal or Spotify. The means of action can change but the common goal comes down to access and of course our next topic of discussion…

#2 Brand Appeal

Is the brands marketing images or social sites attractive? Especially for your specific demographic. Demographic is basically a fancy word for audience.

Thanks to Merriam Webster, we have the definition here: business : a market or segment of the population identified by demographics; example: trying to reach a younger demographic

When we are focusing on one specific demographic, it will result in a common fan-base. Which is EXACTLY what every small business owner should be focused on. In marketing classes and courses, you will hear words like “leads”, “sales funnels” and “promotion campaigns”. Most music and entertainment industry DIY’ers (do it yourself-ers) will approach marketing without a budget or a plan. Let’s hold back on the suspense and just make it clear that when that happens the professionals can tell ON THE SPOT. There is obviously a way to make your own brand accessible, full of appeal… but don’t forget the OPTIONS!

#3 Options

Are you selling men’s AND women’s clothing? Are you making hip hop songs with r&b or pop features? Does your website have a newsletter and email marketing system? Will your fans come back if they have 0 to do? Most likely NOT! As previously mentioned we are in a time of access, appeal and options. If you do not GIVE that to an audience, you should not expect support from anyone. What is the incentive of another persons’ valuable time? If there is no experience it is not worth the scroll, like, comment or share. This is the reality we are entering by taking on the responsibility of business owners. So if you are a musician or entertainer of some sort, own up to your responsibilities and get a team that can handle maintaining a consistent experience.

Thank you for your time! If you know an aspiring actress, model, music artist or brand please feel free to share, especially if you think this will help. Also feel free to leave comments below. We will respond and ALL feedback is welcome. Let’s keep it constructive, all spam will be removed so do not expect a come up by commenting! Act as if you would like to be treated in this world and welcome the New Year (2018) with open arms and a professional attitude in order to receive what YOU DESERVE!!!

Keep an eye out for Article 2!



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