After finding viral success on a host of websites like HipHopSince1987Boi-1da, MsRivercity, BlkDmnds and over 30 other sites, Crenshaw District rapper Xian Bell returns with a new visual from his upcoming project ContraDistrict.
In the out of control “Litty City” visual Xian Bell shows his humor, getting loose with ladies and liquor. There’s even a bit of acting in there as Xian tips his hat to the Wayans brothers’ screenplay and parody flick Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood
It’s another clean, yet highly personal visual with epic birds-eye shots of “Litty City” aka “The District” featuring handy cinematography from Noah Ramos, direction from Ricardo Navarro and creative direction from Xian himself.

“The District is just one big ass contradiction but it all meshes perfectly into some dope sh*t. That’s exactly what I am – a big f*cked up contradiction that luckily turned out dope,” Xian Bell said candidly. 

That internal contradiction and deep roots in The District aptly yielded the title of his newest project, ContraDistrict, which will be available for fans on Soundcloud early Summer ’17. In the mean time Xian Bell is gearing up for the release of several more pieces of content including a new single and the project release itself.    

About Xian Bell:

Growing up in one of Los Angeles’ most notoriously rough neighborhoods and with a father serving a life sentence, Crenshaw bred artist Xian Bell flourished with unfavorable odds. 

Persevering through scant odds and a rough upbringing, Xian Bell developed an feverish passion for creating for music at an early age. Inspired by seeing his older cousin find success with music on TV,  Xian Bell knew music was his calling and it saved his life. 

“When I saw the world premiere of my older cousin CJ Mac’s video with Mack 10 and TQ ‘Imagine That,’ it was the first time I saw someone I knew on TV,” Xian Bell explained.  “I realized I could make it out of our area without playing ball or selling drugs. Although he was rapping about drugs, it showed me that you can reap immense benefits by talking about your life. I’ve always loved writing, so since then my love for it just grew as I developed my craft.” 

Forming like a diamond in the rough, Xian Bell’s ambition and hunger for musical success drove him to a sound that mixes rap and singing together. 

“I just want my music to be a representation of me. Although it’s sort of a rapping cadence, I’m primarily a singer. It’s a mix of both worlds, which my whole ContraDistrict project represents,” he said. “I’ve been heavily influenced by both my parents, and now with all my cousins and best friends I grew up with being dead or in jail, I struggle with guilt remorse of leaving them behind to try and better myself.”


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