Get funkdafied by Cross Culture and the “Moodswings” they encounter – @crscltbnd


Cross Culture’s husband-wife combo Saidu Ezike and Nemiss pen a highly creative record that touches on long term relationships, “Moodswings” –

Live instrumentation played from the soul mixed with witty lyricism best explains the sound of NYC-based group, Cross Culture. A melting pot of talent and musical genres, the posse unveiled their “Majesty” album this month, their first of hopefully many more to come. Group members Saidu and Nemiss not only perform the new release together but are recent newlyweds. Knowing this first hand before going in for a listen made “Moodswings” that much more interesting to take in. They are able to capture the ups and downs of what being in a long term relationship feels like. Listen to it below and if you’re digging the style, make sure to also check out “Majesty”.

Despite being a relatively new band, Brooklyn-based group Cross Culture have grown a fervent fan base in NYC. They’ve done so through the strength of their live show. CC has opened for The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and performed at notable venues including: Le Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub and National Sawdust. Some band members have even collaborated with Run DMC and Beyonce.