Curly Chuck – SHARKTANK (Prod. TyC) | @CurlyChuck |

Curly Chuck & TyC are excited to premiere their newest single, “Sharktank”

“Sharktank” is a very ambitious step for these two collaborators, combining TyC’s huge arrangement aesthetic with Curly’s endless melodic and rhythmic versatility. TyC was watching Jaws one day and decided he had to sample the theme and produced the song that day and it came out way crazier than he expected so he had to send it to Curly.

Together they embarked on creating a trap sound that was heavily influenced by Ty’s love of hardcore/metal music and Curly’s cutting edge trap sound. Curly Chuck’s sound dominates the 808 driven drops and his flow winds perfectly through the minimal verses. TyC recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the record and they are excited to release it on April 12th! They are carving a path for their own sound and they’re combining aspects of all genres to create this edgy futuristic direction and if one’s things for sure, these two are going to be full of surprises. Curly Chuck will be dropping a folk/rock mixtape entitled “Home Sweet Home” in a month so stay tuned!


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