Dane Seeks Out “Clarity” For His Latest Release | @imjustdane28 |



“Clarity” is about exploring the dark side of ones personality. “Issa” party R&B song with a melodic flow, call it the new Trap-Funk –

As a child growing up in the mean streets of the South-side of Chicago, Dane learned a few things. Music is important and it connects people from all walks of life. Survival of the fittest is something he has come to live by when grinding everyday in order to be successful. Dane is short for Dangerfield his last name and it’s of utmost importance that he build a name for himself coming from a single parent home. Also, his mother had mental health issues and put their family through a lot. So the way he’s learned to express himself is through music.

He has a pretty good handle on singing but is still mastering his craft. All that to say this, you only get one chance in life to do what your supposed to be doing, so take advantage it’s a short lifespan we all have anyway. One thing that separates him from other artist is he has a different drive. Dane had to grow up earlier than most, because of his moms issues. Dane learned to do things for himself way earlier than a lot of kids. For instance, getting odd jobs to make some money. It made sure he was able to eat something.

Dane knew he wouldn’t be coming home to a hot meal in a warm house. So what separates him from other artist in the game today is he has a unique kind of pain that he lived for so long as a child that really scared him. He’s working on becoming a better person for his family and for himself.