Daniel Rosenholm “Why Do We Treat You So Bad” Ft. Klara Kazmi



In Daniel Rosenholm’s new song “Why Do We Treat You So Bad” he asks the question how we can continue to live our lives the way we do when scientists all over the world agree that we must change our lifestyles dramatically if this planet is going to remain habitable for future generations.

Now he wants to invite people to start sharing what they do to save the planet under the hashtag #theresalotwecando, so that we can inspire each other and speed up the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

It all began with a semi-finished jazz song, and an anxiety about the climate.

Daniel Rosenholm wrote and recorded the song himself first but quickly realized that this track was too good and too important not to reach its full potential. To achieve that, inputs were needed from other musicians.
He began by asking Johan Hasselquist, who have played a lot with Daniel before, both live and in studio, to play drums on the track.
A jazz song without horns can hardly be called jazz song, so he contacted Thomas Johansson, a great saxophonist and former music teacher for Daniel. He was also the one who once got Daniel into performing and listening to jazz.
The song started to get ready, but there was still one piece of a puzzle missing. And here Klara Kazmi came in and lifted the song to yet another dimension with her unique and almost magical voice. She also brought some hope into the song by changing the last lines of the second verse to:
“It’s not too late, there’s a lot we can do”

It was that text line that was the inspiration for the hashtag #theresalotwecando when Daniel and Klara was discussing how they could get the message of the song out in a strong and efficient way.

Now he hopes that the hashtag and his song will get more people involved and realize the seriousness of the climate issue