THQ Premiere: Dapa Don Delivers “Funeral For A Heart” | @Dapadon |



After a brief silence, Brooklyn Bred Muzik artist Dapa Don returns with a melodic look at love, lust and mistrust all along the journey to the inevitable Funeral For A Heart.  Featuring some amazing production from the likes of Pilgrim Beats, Dap’s usual suspects Synastetic, as well as Blissful, Amen The Producer as well as Dapa himself along with co producer Steve Alston.

Despite the familiarity of love songs, Dapa Don approaches these common subjects in his usual conceptual pattern. As he parallels romantic love with the ultimate love, as well as dealing with the positives and negatives of relationships, Dapa utilizes his catchy melodies and lyrical verses to take the listener on a 10 track sonic journey.

This project shows Dapa moving to another phase in his musical expression and takes his audience on an emotional road to discovery.  Sadly, there’s a heart that did not survive the journey.  Welcome to the Funeral.