Darcy Baylis – “D4” (feat UV Boi فوق بنفسجي) | @darcyebaylis |


Darcy Baylis today offers up his most striking work to date, teaming up with friend and collaborator UV Boi فوق بنفسجي on the powerful ‘D4’. Following his 2017 Australian Music Prize nominated debut album Intimacy & Isolation, his new works represent a new chapter in his progression, with previously released ‘The Taste of Cherry’, and now ‘D4’, showing the producer’s current direction.

Of the track, Darcy says;
‘D4 is about falling in the kind of love that you usually only dream about. Nurturing, uncomplicated, easy, honest, embarrassing, all or nothing. I guess me and UV boi are hopeless romantics. I just wanted to make a song that made me feel the way Blink 182 did 15 years ago. It’s the summer of ’03 and everything is perfect.’ 

Darcy Baylis is an artist in the true sense of the word, constantly searching for the next inspiration to further his musical journey. A producer, vocalist, songwriter and DJ, 2018 will see Baylis return with an exciting directional shift from his well regarded previous work, with his debut album Intimacy & Isolation regarded as one of 2017’s most interesting listens.

Shortlisted in the Australian Music Prize as one of the best local releases of the year, the album was also included in Red Bull Music’s top records of 2017. A voluminous journey of work that expands with each listen, traversing drum & bass, UK hardcore, vintage house and techno, all tightly wrapped within future R&B leaning song structures and Baylis’ spacious vocals. Written across a period of 12 months in transit – from bus trips in Eastern Europe, to snowy apartments in Brooklyn, friend’s couches in Sydney and freezing post-club mornings in Berlin, the record was considered a ‘year in the life’ for Baylis.

Baylis has also developed a reputation for his standout live show – seeing him grace stages atGolden Plains and Melbourne Music Week’s Closing Party. Recently completing his studies in composition at Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts, Baylis cites the likes of Bjork, Metro Boomin’ and Steve Reich as reference points, just heroes for an artist with this much transformative brilliance.