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darkDARK are aptly named.
A pop vision that strays resolutely towards the noir, the duo – split between Austin, Texas and Los Angeles – have a powerful, dramatic sound.
Airing their debut cut a few weeks back, darkDARK quickly became the centre of enormous hype, but managing to retain that innate sense of mystery.


New cut ‘Shelter’ begins to broaden their sound just a little, a few cracks to let the light illuminate the darkness. Imposing production builds towards a killer chorus, with darkDARK explaining:
“‘Shelter’ is about being caught in a loop between trying to hide from a fear or doubt and trying to stand up to it. We imagined it as kind of a twilight, a coma you’re fighting though, as you try to figure out what to do. As you finally near an answer, the loop seems to reset, and the struggle begins again. When building the track, we envisioned a stark space with a dark presence, like a blacklight that you almost can’t see, but you know is there.” – Clash Magazine
find darkDark:
​​​​​​​f a c e b o o k //


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